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Have you ever applied to Canobie Lake park or Sodexo before?  Yes   No  If yes when 
Have you ever worked for Canobie Lake Park or Sodexo before?  Yes   No  If yes when 
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Dates Please list your last 3 Employers (Last Employeer First)
From To Name / Address Position Supervisor Rate of Pay Reason For Leaving
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Availability Month Day Hours Available Mon Tues Wed Thur Fri Sat Sun
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Please list any conflicts or prior commitments which need to be considered for weekends' scheduling. (For example: weddings, vacation, classes, camps, etc.)
Position Desired    Number in order of preference, number 1 - 5 (1 = most desirable).
Cashier Food Service Parking Attendent
Costume Character/Entertainment Gate Attendant Retail/Gift Shop
EMT (certification required) Landscaping/Grounds Rides
Games Matron/Custodian (restrooms) Security Officer
Midway Sweeper Office/Clerical Waterslide Attendant
Halloween Maintenance (specify)
Turnstile Security Agent    
Personal Data
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Canobie Lake Park conducts background checks on all employees. Have you ever been arrested or convicted of a crime that has not been annulled by a court?
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(An arrest or conviction record is not necessarily an automatic bar to employment. The nature of the crime will be considered in relation to the position for which you are applying.)
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List any skills, training, experience, licenses, certificates, permits or foreign languages spoken which might relate to working here:
Please list any reasons which might limit your ability to perform job duties (for example: schedule conflicts, transportation, etc.)
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How did you hear about job opportunities at Canobie Lake Park?
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Personal References
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By clicking the below submit button you certify that the information that you have supplied in this application is true and complete to the best of your knowledge. You understand that any false statement, omission, or misrepresentation on this application is sufficient cause for refusal to hire, or dismissal if you have been hired, no matter when discovered. You understand and authorize Canobie Lake Park to have or cause to have a background investigation completed on you and you release Canobie Lake Park, its agents, any former employers and all references you have listed from any and all claims, liabilities or demands arising out of or related to such investigation disclosure or release of information. You understand and agree that nothing contained in this application, or conveyed during your interview is intended to create an employment contract. You further understand and agree that your employment will be "at will" and without fixed term, and may be terminated at any time, with or without cause and without prior notice, at the option of either yourself or Canobie Lake Park.