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Canobie Institute's live presentations are an interesting, fun and, most of all, engaging way for students to learn more about the world around them. Our presentations are designed to be entertaining while reinforcing the topics covered in the course work. The following presentations were offered in 2014. Check back soon for details about our 2015 programs and presenations.

Learn it.

Exctreme Science
EXTREME SCIENCE  It's science to the extreme! Your students can participate in an exciting learning experience with a variety of scientific demonstrations and experiments taking place daily at our Midway Stage.

The Gravity of it All The McAuliffe-Shepard Discovery Center presents:
THE GRAVITY OF IT ALL  Gravity isn't just a theory... it's the law! This is a fascinating presentation that answers many questions such as : What do you have to do to escape the pull of gravity? How does gravity influence weightlessness in space? What does gravity have to do with Black Holes and time travel?

Is the Pressue Getting to You?
“IS THE PRESSURE GETTING to YOU?”  Using a variety of interactive techniques to get students involved, the presentation explores different ways gas pressure affects the Earth and why we can't live without it. Also presented by the McAuliffe-Shepard Discovery Center.

The Elements of Fun
ROBOTICS  Every Thursday, the Windham, New Hampshire, High School FIRST® team - "The Windham Windup" - will bring robots of all shapes, sizes and purposes to the Canobie Institute. The team will demonstrate the many capabilities and applications of these increasingly intelligent machines and describe how robots are becoming more and more ubiquitous in our communities, our workplaces, and even in our homes.

Spectators will be allowed to operate several of the robots via remote control, and team members will be on hand to describe the robot design and build process. Included will be explanations and examples of the precision and care necessary in the robots' construction and programming, as well as in their continuing care and maintenance.

Planning your visit.   Canobie Institute Educational Programs are available every operating day from May 22 through June 19. For Park hours, click here. Park opens at 9:00am on days in red and yellow. For information about group rates, click here. Group rates are Mondays thru Fridays with 25 or more people and Saturday & Sundays with 100 or more. Note: There are NO GROUP MINIMUMS for dates in Yellow (9am-4pm). On these "Yellow" days everyone pays the group rate!

If you need assistance planning the date and course options that are right for your group, our staff is available to help answer your questions. We can also arrange for you to visit the Park in person on a convenient weekend date so you can learn more about our facility, staff, and programs first-hand.

For more information, please call: 603-893-3506 x4854    Or email: click here

Visit our FAQ page for helpful information about group outings. Also, visit our TEACHER'S TOOLKIT page for information you can use to present your group's trip.

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